Social Media Academy

The Social Media Academy offers effective, meaningful Social Media training to help business understand Social Media architecture and leverage Social Media for Business Benefit.

Social Media Academy

Social Media Academy in the UK

The Social Media Academy is for individuals and Businesses in the UK who would like to develop a wide understanding of Social Media in it’s relationship to the organisations Internet Marketing Strategy .

Further, the Social Media Academy, is a training support program, unlike our other Social Media training initiatives which are generally one-time training events or commissions.

Social Media Academy Ethos

The guiding beliefs and ideals that characterise the Social Media Academy are based upon our knowledge of how the internet works and how it has evolved to the present day. Social Media for the sake of being “social” is great for individuals, however business users must develop social strategy in-line with knowledge of Internet Marketing Strategy which must include knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing and correlation with the organisations website, eCommerce platform or blog.

Social Media Academy Method

Essentially good training begins with the trainers understanding of the organisations goals, followed by research and analysis of the organisations current standing and activity in social media in general and on the internet as a whole.

Following the initial research and analysis carried out by Social Media Academy staff, we will be able to recommend a strategic course of action for social media training along with any technical action required in association with the organisations website or other online resources.

Social Media Academy Membership

Membership of the Social Media Academy is reserved for those individuals and organisations whom have commissioned the Online Marketing Academy to carry out and complete an internet marketing audit which would follow an initial goals interview. Individuals or organisations who do not wish to comission the audit can take advantage of our general Social Media Training.

Social Media Academy – Internet Marketing Audit

The Social Media Academy Internet Marketing Audit includes a detailed search and analysis of the organisations online activity and a review of the organisations resources such as websites and or eCommerce platforms. The audit will be preceded by an interview with a responsible person within the organisation.

Social Media Academy Internet Marketing Audit for SME’s
For an organisation with a single website, blog or eCommerce platform: £550.00 +VAT
For an organisation with a combination of Website, Blog & eCommerce platform £950.00 +VAT

Social Media Academy Internet Marketing Audit for large organisations
For organisations with multiple resources – Price on Application (POA).

For more information please email Mick Say: or telephone Mick on 07719 061 835